Copshaholm, the home of 20th century industrialist J. D. Oliver, his wife, Anna, and their four children. Built in 1895-96, Copshaholm is a 38-room Romanesque Queen Anne house designed by New York architect Charles Alonzo Rich. J. D. Oliver was president of the Oliver Chilled Plow Works, located in South Bend, Indiana. The company was founded by J. D.'s father, James, inventor of the chilled plow.

Copshaholm is built of native Indiana fieldstone. The stones were cut on site by masons brought from Europe. Copshaholm was one of the first homes in South Bend to have electricity, with power being generated by the Oliver Chilled Plow Works.

North side of the residence, facing Washington Street. Note the veranda which sweeps around two sides of the residence.





Close up of the spacious veranda. It provided shade which helped to cool the residence during the summer. Multi-colored pieces of marble, limestone and granite were used to create the mosaic on the veranda floor. One can only imagine how beautiful it once was. View is looking east towards Chapin Street.





South side of the residence. The room that would be towards the left side of the picture was J.D. Oliver's private office. On the walls are autographed pictures from some very prominant Americans, including Henry Ford, Andrew Carnegie, Theodore Roosevelt and Thomas Edison to name only a few. In the middle, the round structure is the Music Room, added in 1899. To the right of the photo is the pantry and kitchen.



Better view of the west side of the residence and room which housed Oliver's private office.





East side of the residence. The yard borders Chapin Street.





Naturally, what self-respecting industrial tycoon would not have a carriage house that was just as beautiful as the residence. The carriage house sits to the south of the mansion and has been included into The Northern Indiana Center for History Museum . On your next visit to South Bend, I encourage you to stop by. It is a great place.



Surrounding Copshaholm are 2.5 acres of landscaped gardens, including a garden tea house, formal Italianate garden, rose garden, pergola, tennis lawn, and fountain. Here is a view of one of the gardens on the west side of the residence, looking northwest.




Like To Peek Inside?

What Is Left Of The Oliver Plow Works?

Oliver Mausoleum

The Oliver Mausoleum, final resting place of the famous Oliver Family. Located in a very prominent location in Riverview Cemetary on Portage Road, the Oliver Mausoleum is a splendid and fitting home for one of South Bend's more famous families.

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