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New York Central Freight Terminal

Left and Right: January 03, 2004. Pictured here is the former freight terminal once operated by the New York Central. Picture on the left is looking at the north facade of the old building. The picture on the right show the north and east walls."

Another picture of the former NYC freight terminal. Today the building is on the property of the Sturgis Scrap Iron Company. Several attempts were made to secure access inside the property to take better pictures. These attempts, however, were denied by the company, so I took pictures from public property. I respect the company's right of refusal, however, it would have been nice to get some close up shots of the facades. Or, have access to the second story and see if anything remians of the building's past tennant.




Aerial view of the New York Central freight house, circa 1926. Judging from the number of freight cars, it was a very busy place. Thanks to Andy Laurent and the Studebaker National Museum.

South Bend Tower, New York Central, circa 1995. This building was located west of Union Depot. This tower controlled movements through downtown South Bend on both the NYC and GTW mainlines.





Conrail Era. After the NYC and other roads consolidated into the Penn Central and later Conrail, South Bend continued to be a train watchers paradise. Left: Corail U23B pulling an eastbound freight past the Arnold Street crosiing in South Bend, September of 1987. Right: Ex-Erie locomotive on the lead as this westbound freight passes Studebaker and the South Bend Tower, in September of 1979. Pictures courtesy of George Elwood's Fallen Flags Web Site.


Switching action at Bendix. The year is 1975. The former NYC is now part of Conrail. Jeff Strombeck captured a local switching at Bendix. The train is coming down from the former NYC mainline west of the Washington Street station. The gons in the picture to the left are crossing the South Shore mainline.

Six years later, 1981, Jeff returned and captured another Conrail local working the Bendix interschange with the South Shore. Jeff was not sure if he caught the locomotive removing or spotting cars at Bendix. The Bendix Corporation is the complex in the background. Look closely and you will see a gate protecting the crossing with the South Shore. Jeff was standing at the west end of the passenger platform.






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