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America's Passenger Railroad. Amtrak continues in operation today, however, with Congress talking belt tightening and getting more for the taxpayers money, who knows, maybe soon Amtrak will join the ranks of ghost lines. I hope not.



NEW 07-17-2005 South Bend, Indiana. Left and Right: Westbound Capitol Limited arriving at South Bend. Was out taking a walk and for some reason I decided to walk towards the Amtrak depot and bring along my digital camera. I'm glad I did. Not only did I catch some good pictures of the Capitol Limited, but what was on the end of the train. Those not familiar with South Bend, the building on the right side of the picture on the right is the South Bend Amtrak Depot.


On the end was a private railcar, called the "Cripple Creek" Several weeks ago while waiting for the eastbound Capitol to depart the station, I saw this same car, heading east. I did not have my camera with me that day. Today, I did. Above and below are several views of the car. I have stuck out in finding any information or history on the private car, other than a couple of pictures at Train Web. If anyone knows the background or details on this car, please e-mail me .


All in all, a very good day for a walk.


Cedar Lake, Indiana, April 18, 2004. The northbound Cardinal passing through. This photo was taken at the north end of the 1947 line relocation that bypassed the lake shore and Paisley Trestle .





Monon, Indiana, August 23, 2003. The northbound Cardinal rounding the nine degree curve at Monon, Indiana. The depot in the background was built in 1953, replacing one that was demolished by a train wreck. Nice to see passenger varnish operating over the old mainline.




Niles, Michigan, June 14, 2003. Train 352 paying an afternoon call on Niles Michigan. The depot has been refurbished and is a great place to visit when up this way.





Michigan City, Indiana, June 22, 2003. Train 350 crossing the Trail Creek swing bridge. Countless times I have attempted to catch some kind of railroad action at this location. Heading over to Michigan City was plan B that day. I thought I had missed the train. Luck was with me and I captured this great shot.




Left and Right: Dyer, Indiana, July 26, 2003. Northbound Cardinal makes a scheduled stop in Dyer. The former route of "The Hoosier" and "Thoroughbred" is, for the moment, home to passenger traffic.


More Amtrak action on the old "Hoosier Line" , otherwise known as the Monon. The Cardinal cruises through Shelby, Indiana. This picture, taken in May of 2003, was taken as the train prepares to cross the old New York Central Kankakee line.





NEW 12-14-03 South Bend Amtrak Action 2003. Left: March 16, 2003, Capitol Limited westbound about to make at staion stop in South Bend. The train is passing the former Singer plants off to the right. Right: August 24, 2003. Westbound Capitol taking on passengers at South Bend, Indiana.

May 2003. Westbound Capitol passing the former Oliver Plant at Arnold Street in South Bend. Soon this train will start braking for its station stop on the west side of South Bend.





Amtrak passing through Lowell, Indiana. Left and Right: Northbound Cardinal at Mill Street, Lowell, Indiana.

Northbound Hoosier about to cross the former NYC (NS diamond) in St. John, Indiana.





More Pictures Will Be Added From Time To Time.

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