The Chicago, South Shore And South Bend Railroad

Photographers John Strombeck and Daniel Lawecki spent many a day photographing the South Shore in and around South Bend, Indiana. We are happy to be able to display some of his great work here. If you need to "borrow" these images, please leave the photographer credit intact.

Dan Lawecki Images, Circa 1980's

The images listed below were all taken by Daniel Lawecki. They are of the South Shore switching the industries south of what today is Clark Foods near the South Bend Airport, west of Bendix Drive. The South Shore served the building immediately south of Clark. Back during the 1980s when these photographs were taken, the operation was called the Hedwin Corporation. Hedwin made plastic gas tanks for one of the auto makers, and the CSS&SB used to deliver covered hoppers of PVC pellets. Along the north side of the building was some sort of piping system that would connect to the covered hoppers, to remove the pellets. There were overhead doors on the north side of the building for shipping/receiving loads from boxcars. The tracks into this location are still there, just not in use and the Bendix crossing has been removed. -Additional information courtesy Dan Lawecki-









John Strombeck's South Shore Images, Circa 1960's and 1970's


Left: Motor Unit 107 sits at the South Bend depot, circa 1975. This depot is still in use by Amtrak. Right: Making a stop at Hudson Lake in 1975. In the early years of the railroad this location was a favorite spot for picnics and excursions. Today, it is just a flag stop.


Left: June 25, 1969. Two car train making a stop at the LaSalle Street depot. Right: Eastbound train street running on Orange Street. In the background is the O'Brien Paint Company. Note boxcar spotted at the plant on the left.


West side of South Bend, circa 1969. Left: Westbound train passing the Bendix Plant. Note the two small orange buildings. This photo was taken before the Amtrak/ South Shore depot was built and the section between Washington Street and the downtown depot were removed. The larger building was for the freight crews. Right: East bound train passing the Bendix plant. Note westbound train on the passing siding to the right of the image.


Street running in South Bend. Left: Freight local street running on Bendix Drive, March 2, 1977. Right: Side view of a South Shore Little Joe on local passing Prast Blvd, March 1977.


Left: Switching on the northwest side of South Bend. Little Joe at the Industrial Park near the airport, where Hedwin Corporation was located. Little Joe is crossing Bendix Drive. Right: Grandview substation in the background, local freight entering the mainline. Today, the tracks on which the freight is on is the mainline to the depot at the airport.


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