The Chicago, South Shore And South Bend Railroad

Mike Palmiter Photo Collection

The images displayed on this page are courtesy of Mike Palmiter. Mike lived in South Bend for many years and took some good photos of the South Shore. He also collected some photos from Harry Zillmer over the years and have included them. Mike now calls southern Indiana home, down Bedford way. Thanks for the photos and information Mike. Very happy to include them here.


Left: April 1967. Harry Zillmer took this photo of the run away South Shore train that struck the LaSalle Salvage Company. There are other photos of this accident on Page Two. -Harry Zillmer Photograph- Right: July 6, 1970. Two car train stopped at the LaSalle Street station. -Harry Zillmer Photograph-


Left: Street running in South Bend, October 4, 1969. Three car train running LaSalle Street, west of the downtown depot. -Harry Zillmer Photograph- Right: More street running. Train at LaSalle and Chapin, also 1969. -Harry Zillmer Photograph-


Left: Pulling in, or leaving the yard near Hydraulic Street Coach Yard. Note in the distance towards the left side of the photo the downtown Holiday Inn under construction. Photo is circa July of 1970. -Harry Zillmer Photograph- Right: And, what a difference 15 years makes. The same area, circa 1985. The land stands vacant. Quite a difference. -Mike Palmiter Photograph-


Left: East bound one car train heading towards the Hydraulic Street Coach Yard. Photo is circa 1969. -Harry Zillmer Photograph- Right: December 1982. The tracks to downtown have been abandoned and the east terminus was at Washington Street, where for years the South Shore and Amtrak shared a depot. -Mike Palmiter Photograph-


Left: Coach Yard at Hydraulic Street. Photo is not dated. -Mike Palmiter Photograph- Right: Freight motor sits on a siding at Nu-Way Feed and Seed Company at Olive Street on South Bend's west side. Date is August 1964. Not sure if the vehicle pictured is on Washington, or Orange Street. According to Mike, there were two sidings off the mainline east of Olive Street. One at O'Brien Paint and another near Cummins. -Mike Palmiter Photograph-

Looking east, northeast, from the 12th floor of the former Hoffman Hotel in the 100 block of W. LaSalle Street. The building today is the Amerigo Building. Famous Kremo Bread sign on building housing the South Shore depot in downtown. In the upper right corner is the South Shore Coach Yard. -Mike Palmiter Photograph-




NEW South Shore Photos

After several messages back and forth, Mike sent me some information and an article he authored on the South Shore. The main subject of our conversation was what was known as Cimmins siding. This siding was between LaPorte Street and Colfax streets. The siding was west of downtown and there was also a siding that serviced a manufacturing plant, that according to Sandy Goodrick made wallpaper. He was not sure if the plant's name was Cummins. There was also a passing siding that featured a spring switch on the east end of the siding. The west end was thrown by train crews. Trains eastbound coming off the passing siding at LaPorte Street would go through the turnout and the points would slowly return to align with the mainline. Today the mainline and siding is the street that connects LaPorte and Colfax Streets. The building that housed the wallpaper plant was torn down and currently new homes have replaced it. These photos are not part of Mike's collection are posted here.

Notre Dame Football Special street running in South Bend at Lincolnway and LaSalle, 1969. -Harry Zillmer Photograph-




Four car train westbound on the mainline at Cummins siding, 1946. Also pictured is the plant and spur. It is also hard to tell in black and white, but according to John Strombeck these cars were in a short lived paint scheme of the bottom half of the car maroon and above the windows orange. Will try and locate a color photo is possible. -Harry Zillmer Photograph-



Cummins Siding, another look. Westbound train pictured. -Harry Zillmer Photograph-





Left: Circa 2007 You are looking towards LaPorte Street at the area that was once Cummins Siding. Colfax Street is behind me. Right: LaPorte and LaSalle Streets. You are looking west at Cummins siding. I was standing on the old right of way. The houses pictured occupy the location of the former wallpaper plant. No foundation, or evidence of the plant remain.


Left: Freight motor westbound at the west end of Cummins siding, the street on the right side of the photo is Colfax Street, circa 1969. Right: Another shot of a South Shore freight motor westbound pulling onto Colfax Street. Year is 1970. -Harry Zillmer Photographs-

1940's Notre Dame Football Special turning onto Colfax Street. -Harry Zillmer Photograph-






Left: Westbound local freight at Olive Street. Where the homes are in the upper left hand parts of this photo is now where South Bend Fire Department's Station Number 4 is now located. Note the siding also pictured in the left side of the image. This siding served the Nu-Way Feed And Seed Company. Earlier this siding also was the west end terminus for the TOFC trailers on the South Shore. Right:Another view of the same freight at the Olive Street crossing. -Harry Zillmer Photographs-


Three car train arrives at New Carlisle. Pictured is the depot. In later years the depot was replaced with just a shelter, then removed as a stop. The closet stop today is Hudson Lake. -Harry Zillmer Photograph-





New Carlisle, Indiana. East bound passing the elevator.


Freight motors at New Carlisle, Indiana. Date is unknown. This location is east of the overpass of Highway 20. Note racetrack pictured. -Doug Noble Collection-





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