The Chicago, South Shore And South Bend Railroad

Circa 1950 - 1970's South Bend, Indiana and Various Locations.

Noted railroad photographers Sandy Goodrick and Louis Rague spent many a day photographing the South Shore in and around South Bend, Indiana. We are happy to be able to display some of his great work here. If you need to "borrow" these images, please leave the photographer credit intact.

Louis Rague Images, Circa 1950's


Left and Right: Motor Unit #102 loading passengers and baggage, downtown South Bend. The year is 1958. Building in the distance with billboards on top is no longer there.


Left and Right: Action at the South Shore yard east of the downtown depot. Many of the buildings in this image have been torn down.


Street running in South Bend. Left: Near Cummins, June 7, 1958. Right: Street running down Orange Street, July 1958.


More images from the Hydraulic Street yard near downtown. Left: Baggage car #503, 1958. Right: Motor Unit #33 sitting at the yard, April 12, 1959.


Left: Eastbound train leaving Orange Street near Cummins. Right: Freight units #1013 on Bendix Avenue 1955.

Sandy Goodrick South Shore Images, Circa 1950's


Left: Looking at the LaSalle Street depot. September 18, 1955. The line continued east along LaSalle to the car facillity at Hydraulic Avenue. Right: This photo, taken July 8, 1951, from the roof of the LaSalle Hotel shows a two car train either entering, or leaving the car yard. The area sure has changed a whole bunch since.


Left: More downtown South Bend, May 7, 1955. Pictured is a Motor Coach #107 passing Main Street. Today, where the building with Goodyear on it is a Burger King. Right: Also taken May 7, 1955. Same Motor Coach #107 passing the Krogers between Main and Lafayette Streets. There is a Fifth Third Bank and a Taco Bell there in 2004.

August 10, 1952. A South Shore Little Joe #803 and coaches 209 and 204 run LaSalle Street west of the downtown depot.





March 23, 1957. Motor Coach #106 passing the LaSalle - Williams Street intersection. The church in the picture is still standing in 2005.






Left: July 7, 1970, Motor Coach #109 passing through the Chapin - LaSalle Street intersection. Unknown if east or west bound. Right: October 24, 1953 and Motor Coach #17 is pictured near LaPorte Street. This is where the line curved from Orange Street to continue down LaSalle and downtown.


Left: September 25, 1954. This train, possibly a Notre Dame Football Special, is near Washington Street, where during the 1970's the depot was relocated to. For many years the passenger line terminated at a depot at Washington Street it shared with Amtrak. Right: May 1950, Motor Coach #107 making a stop at Lydick, Indiana, west of South Bend. Some of the foundation for the platform in still there.

July 7, 1951. South Shore trains # 10 and 9 meeting at the downtown Michigan City depot. The building survives into 2005, however it is not used anymore by the railroad.




East Chicago, Indiana. March of 1950 and a three car train is making its way down Chicago Avenue.






Michigan City and Gary Indiana Depots, 1960's


NEW 08-16-2011 Left: Middle and Right: The Broadway Gary South Shore Depot.


NEW 08-16-2011 Left: Ornate Michigan City Depot. Right: Passenger approaching the Michigan City Depot on 11th Ave.

Freight Operation Pictures


Left: August 2, 1950. CSS&SB Locomotives 902 and 900 move freight down Orange Street near Meade Street. Right: Line Car 1100 and Locomotive 705 at the South Bend Sand And Gravel Company, north of Lincolnway Avenue at Bendix Drive, October 24, 1961.


Left: August 10, 1952. Locomotives 1007 and 1002 moving freight west of Washington Street near Bendix Manufacturing. Right: July 1950 has these two locomotives, numbers 9002 and 900 working freight on the main line west of South Bend, Indiana.

December 1, 1951. Little Joe 802 moving coal down 12th Street in Michigan City.





Little Joe pulling tonage through the streets in East Chicago, 1949.







Little Joe 801 handling freight at Burns Harbor. Right: 801 pulling freight through the streets of Michigan City, Indiana.

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