More Pictures from Wanatah


Ron Stuckey took this picture, October 11, 1970.





Another shot, from Bob McCord, of the Wanatah depot, circa October 1966. Note traffic waiting on the interchange track.




Backside of the Wanatah depot, October 7, 1976. Pictured is the east wall.





U23B #601 working the Michigan City Branch at Wanatah.







Ooops, just a little accident. Pictured is BL2 #32 which derailed in a quarry north of U.S. 30. According to Mahlon Eberhard, kids threw the switch north of the highway and the southbound local crew could not stop before hitting the building pictured. The incident happened, September 6, 1960.




Another view of the accident.







More pictures from the William Smith collection. Bill's Grandmother, Bessie Shaw, was the depot agent in Wanatah for many years. Note sign, "Monon RY".





Gathering at the depot. Date of this picture is unknown. It is possible that it was taken the same day as this picture from page one.





Final picture from Bill. Another wonderful shot of the Wanatah depot.





There is a good possibility that this picture was taken the same day as the ones from Mr. Smith. This image was courtesy of the Wanatah Historical Society.





Left: July 27, 1967 Monon derailment. Several tri-levels loaded with Pontiacs derailed, and many new vehicles ended up in the creek. Right: This picture is of one of the last trains on the Michigan City line, heading south. Both images courtesy Wanatah Historical Society.


Left and Right: Photos of the 1967 Monon wreck


Left and Right: More pictures of the 1967 wreck, invloving several auto racks. Rick Dreistadt photograph.


Left and Right: 1967 wreck. Rick Dreistadt photograph.

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