Lowell, Indiana Page Three. CSX and Amtrak action on former Monon.

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Lowell Depot, Spetember 1, 2003

Great aerial shot of the current Lowell depot, which is still in use by the CSX. Special thanks to the Union Township Fire Department, Wheeler, Indiana for putting their aerial ladder up for this picture to be taken.





CSX on the mainline


Left, Right and Below: Labor Day 2003, September 1, 2003. Local freight stops at Lowell to re-couple the caboose (And because some idiot kid tried to play chicken with the train by standing on the tracks and not moving until the locomotives came to a complete stop. The Police gave chase, not sure if they caught the little punk).

Amtrak Action at Lowell

Left and Right: Amtrak action 2003. Northbound Cardinal at Main Street crossing in Lowell. These shots are remarkable because the train was only 10 minutes behind schedule. It would have been better to see the black and gold or red and grey of the old Monon passing by, but seeing activity on the old line is good enough.

Left and Right: Fourteen days later, I was back in Lowell and snapped these two pictures of the northbound Amtrak at the Commercial Avenue crossing. It moved so slow through town for a brief moment I thought it was planning to stop.

Labor Day, September 1, 2003, Northbound Cardinal speeds through Lowell prior to the start of the 84th annual Labor Day Parade. Because of the rainy weather, as evidence by these pictures, it was a late arriving crowd.

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