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Plotted in 1873, Chalmers was originally knowns as "Mudge's Station." The name came from that of a local storekeeper. Official records show no specific source other than a personal name. The town was listed, as Chalmers, on railroad timetables of the New Albany & Salem as early as 1856. The depot was built in 1895 and was a frame building with shingle roof and sat south of Main Street on the east side of the tracks.

Street scene, Chalmers, Indiana 1909.







Left and Right: Chalmers Indiana Depot, date unknown. Courtesy of George Lortz.


Left: Chalmers Indiana Depot, date unknown, however it is obvious it was during winter. Right: Turn of the century taxi service? Another shot of the depot, with a horse in the foreground. Courtesy of George Lortz.

NEW 02-16-2011 The Chalmers Depot. Date on this picture is unknown. It is a good assumption that it is late 1950's or early 1960's due to the general condition of the structure. No other information is available. -MRHTS Photo Archives Collection-





Chalmers depot with northbound local freight passing, circa mid 1960's.







This photo was originally misidentified as Ash Grove. Thanks to Quentin Robinson, we now know that this photo was taken at Chalmers.





Looking north on the mainline at Chalmers, Indiana. Photo is circa early 1970's.






Chalmers depot, circa 1975. The depot was demolished in 1976.




Chalmers Indiana, November 2003. Picture taken on northside of town, looking to the south. Walnut and Main Street crossings are south of the elevator.






Left: Another look at the former Monon mainline looking to the south. This picture was taken from the Main Street crossing. The depot would have once been on the left side of the photo. Right: Downtown Chalmers 2003. East Main Street buildings typical of small town Indiana and America.


Left: Downtown Chalmers, circa 2006. Looking east along Main Street from near the crossing. Right: Foundations of an old elevator. You are looking northwest.

Chalmers Indiana depot. Exact date unknown, however it does appear to have been taken during the 1970's.









Left and Right: The demolition of the Chamlers depot. These pictures were taken September 26, 1976. It is a shame there was no depot rescue society back then. Another piece of Monon history torn down and carted away.


Near Mile Post 103, south of Chalmers. You are looking to the south along the right of way. State Highway 43 is to the right side of the image. Pictured has no date, but we know that it is pre-merger.






Left: Mile Post 103, post merger. The L&N has replaced the old mile marker with a concrete one. We are happy to report that a local Monon Railroad Historical-Technical Society member was kind enough to rescue the original mile marker. In this view, you are looking to the north, towards Chalmers. Right: Same view circa 2006.

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